Marketing online can look pretty daunting – you know you should be doing it,
but it’s hard to find the time and know where to start

It can be disheartening knowing your competitors rank higher than you on Google,
which means you’re not reaching your potential customers.

And as we know, no customers means low cash-flow, low sales, and low profits.

A great-looking (and probably expensive) Website is a waste of time
if nobody can actually find you online

What if your Customers could easily find you online?


Picture a consistent flow of quality, targeted leads which you can convert to Customers,
increasing your sales and profitability.

Your Inbox starts to fill up, your phone’s ringing.

Imagine you’re busy putting your skill and expertise in play,
solving your Customer’s biggest problems,
making you the go-to person in your niche.

This is where we can help.


We target the keywords and search terms that will get you found on the all-important Google,
tying it all in with a series of emails and Social Media posts.

As the Owner or Decision Maker of your Business, we work closely together
to keep you in front of your customers for the best kind of business – repeat business !

We drill-down deep to uncover the search terms that are not only relevant to your business,
but that your customers are actually searching for.

No need to ‘create’ traffic, just find out where it already exists
and put your business right in the middle of it.

We use those uncovered keywords and search terms to improve your existing website,
giving your rankings on Google a boost over the long-term.

With the long game covered, it’s time to focus on immediate short-term results,
and there’s no better way than a tight, focused Google Ads campaign,
directly targeted at your niche, even down to the geographical area you operate in.

Now that your customers have found you, don’t let them go!

We can implement a series of automated emails
that can communicate at each touch-point to inform and nurture,
keeping your services and products top-of-mind for that initial sale,
and then that vital repeat business.

Don’t put this off any longer – if your competitors aren’t already aggressively marketing online, they soon will be.


Be the business in your field that has First-Mover Advantage.

What will I find Left Of The Dial ?
A Digital Agency that cuts through the noise.


Think of your FM Radio Dial. The ‘Analogue-Style’ ones.
All those Commercial Stations, the big players, are in the centre and off to the right.

What if you continue to move left of the dial ?
You get the smaller, independent, niche stations.
The authentic, passionate, non-conservative ones.

And that’s what we’re about at Left Of The Dial – a Digital Agency that’s smaller, independent and niche-driven.
We’re not one of the big players in the digital field. And that’s a good thing for your small business.

Instead of rolling out ‘paint-by-numbers’ campaigns, we’re nimble, flexible
and can adapt quickly to your market’s ever-changing conditions.
We implement tried-and-tested techniques, but always have an eye on the ‘Left Of The Dial’,
ready to introduce cutting-edge approaches in anonline marketing field that is constantly evolving and advancing.

A conservative approach just isn’t worth it.
You need to be a little ‘left of the dial’ to cut through the mainstream noise.​

Let’s get you in front of your customers –
and keep you there.


Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation, coffee’s on me.

What we do


Keyword Research

SEM / Google AdWords

Content Marketing

Social Media Management

Email Automation

Email Nurture Campaigns

Data and Analytics

\ Rob Frankiewicz

\ Studio 49, 245 St Kilda Road ST KILDA VIC 3182


\ 0413 88 999 3



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